Welcome to Powers Physio-Fit Physical Therapy P.C. It is the mission of this practice to provide you as an individual with optimal care thus allowing you to achieve your health and wellness goals.  A personalized one on one approach is given to each patient. Powers Physio-Fit Physical Therapy is a team approach between you the Patient, your Physical Therapist and your Physician. Physical Therapists restore, develop, and preserve optimal physical performance.

girl1Today’s Physical Therapist serves a dynamic comprehensive role in both health care and wellness by improving and maintaining the quality of life for millions of Americans. Physical Therapists also help conditions associated with loss of mobility through medical, fitness, and wellness programs that achieve healthy and active lifestyles. Physical Therapists are educated in understanding the interaction of all body systems for the medically ill and healthy individual. A Physical Therapists unique understanding of Anatomy, Physiology, and Body Movement allows you to be treated as a whole person.ysic

A Physical Therapist uses a hands on approach that begins with your personal interview discussing a review of your manworksholdermedical/functional problems, your personal health and wellness goals, and a diagnostic examination.  On your initial visit a formal plan of care addressing your problems and goals will be tailored to meet your specific needs, A treatment plan will be customized for your condition including strengthening, stabilizing and stretching restricted/injured structures to restore normal pain free range of motion. You will be taught and instructed to perform or not perform specific exercises that will improve movement and proper muscle balance. Postural correction and body alignment will be assessed and corrections will be incorporated into both your home and work environment, Modalities including heat, cold, massage, ultrasound, electrical stimulation as well as laser will be implemented as needed into your program to treat your pain, inflammation and swelling.  A Home Exercise Program is also an integral part of your plan of care.  Mind Body programs are offered as well.

Experience the limitless potential of Physical Well Being at Powers Physio-Fit Physical Therapy!